Jivan Vidya Nyas was setup by a group of friends in 1993 with the goal of realizing upon this earth, a vision that is now known as "Saha-astitwa-vad". The vision was discovered by Shri A. Nagraj', who lives in Amarkantak (MP). The vision is simply an understanding of existence that is easily communicated to everyone and can be easily verified by everyone. No reference is required to any religious/spiritual practice or book.  

Shri A. Nagraj's vision of "Saha-astitwa-vad" was examined by a group of faculty, staff and students of IIT Delhi during 1990-93. It was found that the vision was clear and complete. Nothing in existence appeared to be left out of the vision. Most significantly, every entity In existence is seen to have a meaningful and harmonious role to fulfill in its co-existence with other entities. This inherent harmony in existence becomes evident when one understands the relationships between entities. We call this inherent harmony the "Saha-Astitwa".  

In 1993, the group of faculty, staff and students at IIT Delhi decided to register a Trust named Jivan Vidya Nyas to formulate and execute programmes which would realize the Saha-Astitwa Vision. We identified the following as the necessary and sufficient facets of any human society:   

     1. Education System   

     2. Health-care System   

     3. Production System   

     4. Exchange System   

     5. Social Justice System   

Significantly, the basic principles for the design of the above systems emerge naturally from the Saha-Astitwa Vision and are agreeable to all humans.   

In order to realize this vision in one community, 20 acres of land were provided by Shri Arjun Singh Samdarshi in Govindpur, Bijnor (UP). Shri Arjun Singh's elder brother Late Shri Sachidanand had started a school in Govindpur in 1975 which is now known as the "Sachidanand Smarak Vidyalaya" and is being run by Jivan Vidya Pratishthan (Bijnor) which is a part of Jivan Vidya Nyas (Delhi). Several persons have committed themselves to the activities of the Pratishthan during the last three years.  

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