In order to realize this vision in one community, 20 acres of land were provided by Shri Arjun Singh Samdarshi in Govindpur, Bijnor (UP). Shri Arjun Singh's elder brother Late Shri Sachidanand had started a school in  Govindpur in 1975 which is now known as the "Sachidanand Smarak Vidyalaya" and is being run by Jivan Vidya Pratishthan (Bijnor) which is a part of Jivan Vidya Nyas (Delhi). Several persons have committed  themselves to the activities of the Pratishthan during the last  three years. The pratishthan presently has the  following areas of work:   

 1 . Primary and Secondary Education: The education system of the Sachidanand Smarak Vidyalaya has  been redesigned on the basis of the Saha-Astitwa Vision. The school employs teachers who belong to the neighbouring villages. The students ot the school also come from the neighbouring villages. At present the school has classes up to the 10th.  
 2.  Adult Education and Community Development: This work is carried out by involving the local community in the programmes of the pratishthan and by organizing workshops in the villages neighbouring Govindpur.   
 3 . Jeevan Vidya Camps: These camps are conducted regularly in Govindpur and also at other places all  over the country to explain the Saha-Astitwa Vision and to formulate programmes in togetherness.   
 4.  Parivar Manav Patrika: This is a journal published by the Pratishthan and includes articles inspired by the Saha-Astitwa Vision.   

 5. Cultivation: The Pratishthan also cultivates land attached to the vidyalaya in the Govindpur area.                         
The goal of the Jivan Vidya Pratishthan is to run its activities self-sufficiently and develop all the systems mentioned above in the Govindpur Area. Currently, funding for activities is provided partly by the agricultural  produce from Govindpur and partly by savings of the Pratishthan members and their close friends. 


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